Getting Started with Excel Accessibility

A presentation at TPGi Webinar by Aaron Farber

Making an Accessible Excel Workbook

Making an Accessible Excel Workbook

This webinar provides best practices for making Excel spreadsheets accessible to disabled people.

The webinar covers common accessibility issues within Excel spreadsheets. It looks at each accessibility issue first from the users’ perspective, in how that issue affects them. The webinar then takes webinar participants through the author’s perspective and provides step-by-step instructions on how to fix that issue in their spreadsheet.

The webinar will cover nuts-and-bolts questions such as compatibility between Excel and other operating systems like MacOS and the accessibility of other spreadsheet programs. Excel has released many new features such as Data from Picture; this webinar evaluates them through the lens of accessibility.

Beyond building technical skills in Excel, this webinar will also answer basic questions such as whether WCAG applies to Excel spreadsheets.