Now Hiring: Better job descriptions

A presentation at Ela Conf in in Philadelphia, PA, USA by Caro Griffin

Building a productive team, an inclusive culture, a company that people enjoy working at – it all starts with hiring the right people for the right roles. Unfortunately, the standard hiring process is broken. It’s built on the premise that everyone reads job descriptions the same way and that putting up barriers for applicants at the beginning is the fastest way to narrow down your pool of applicants.

But there’s a better way! One that starts with making sure you’re hiring for the right role in the first place.

In this talk, you’ll learn how to use all the information at your disposal to craft the role that makes the most sense for your team. We’ll talk about the difference between a job description and a job posting, and why you need both. Then you’ll learn how to craft an inclusive job posting that invites diverse applicants.

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