AWS IoT and Greengrass

A presentation at AWS NYC Meetup - May 2017 - AWS IoT and Greengrass in in New York, NY, USA by Chris Munns

Solstice and Amazon Web Services (AWS) will present the benefits and use cases of edge computing, including an overview AWS IoT and the newly launched AWS Greengrass.

AWS IoT closes the gap between physical and digital with things, internet and connectivity. AWSGreengrass enables connected devices running on AWS’s technology to process data locally— reducing latency, allowing offline functionality, improving security, and more. We’ll share best practices for building with edge computing and Greengrass, and how you can apply it to your current and future IoT solutions. Solstice will also walk through a real-life implementation of AWS IoT and AWS Greengrass that was showcased at AWS re:Invent 2016.


• Chris Munns, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

• Andrew Whiting, VP of Business Development, Solstice

• Pat Smolen, Sr. Technical Consultant, Solstice.