Paper: Development of Proposals to Hayashi Department Store

A presentation at ICPD 2019 in in Tainan City, Taiwan by Craig Bossley

Development Of Proposals to Hayashi Department Store: A Case Study of Using Cross-cultural Collaboration & an Interdisciplinary Design Workshop for Education.

In the context of an increasingly networked world, education must cross cultures and disciplines to impart real-world wisdom and connections. As such, this paper explores the concept of a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary design workshop as a case study of using cultural immersion, the pressure of real-world stakes, communication gaps, and background dissonance to necessitate bridging and cognitive reconstructing for success. The paper draws from both qualitative and quantitative measures including post-workshop survey, interview, and content analysis of communicative threads to supplement the primary in-the-field observation method. It examines the expectations and emotions of various stakeholders in the process, classifies their actions and reactions, and analyzes the overall effectiveness of the workshop by the varying definitions to its different stakeholders. The workshop was a success in satisfying the motivations of the organizers and participants by creating an enjoyable experience and creating connections. The effectiveness of the workshop was created from the stress and challenge of putting participants in areal-world context with minimal oversight. Participants had to work across differences together with their partners and as a result, also learned design thinking and the value of each other. Even with self-reported negative emotions, the overall response was positive and towards future participation or dissemination.



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