How to execute the T in ELT

A presentation at Snowflake GROUP BY Data Heroes by Daan Bakboord

The founders of Snowflake wanted a Cloud Data Warehouse which enables a user to; “Simply Load and Query Data”.

Loading Data into Snowflake is easy. Sometimes this data needs to be transformed. In this session I will show various possibilities to transform data in Snowflake. These possibilities vary from internal Snowflake functions, to ELT-tools to other 3rd party options.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • Snowflake GROUP BY Data Heroes

    GROUP BY is an opportunity for data practitioners around the world to come together virtually and learn how some of the most engaged users are leveraging Snowflake. Dive deep into use cases, participate in workshops, and discuss popular Snowflake features with our amazing Data Heroes.