The Art of Being Wrong

A presentation at CSS Dev Conf in in Long Beach, CA, USA by Dave Rupert

Closing Keynote delivered to CSS Dev Conf. An epic conference aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach California.

This talk is more or less the summation of 6 months worth of nights and evenings pondering web design and community.

I’ll try to explain not-so-obvious things here:

BORG UX: What if we’re the 1st Gen Borg. A connected species that can disseminate information (and mis-information) immediately? What does that mean when we posture our language with fake facts.

Alan Alda something something killed dinosaurs.


The Donald Trump Effect: Why is it the loudest, most persistent, and most brazen voices are considered “correct”? This is actually something Hitler talked about.

The man pointing at the map is Robert McNamara. A very data-driven man. You can learn more about that in the documentary “The Fog of War” - He helped fight Nazis using data. He also was blinded by data during the Vietnam War, which led to a senseless loss of life.

My feelings on the Hurk-Jerk of Critical Path Rendering


I heard Cap Watkins on Developer Tea say (paraphrasing) “My blog is a documentation of my thoughts.” I really liked that.

Jeremy Keith isn’t talking to Cap Watkins, he’s quoting the Incredible Hulk.

“Well Actually…” was a slide where I talked about our Industry’s insatiable desire to be right and how it affects gender diversity in our industry. Women speakers I know have been chastised after their talks about anything and everything. Even facts that they know to be true. It’s a ridiculous unconscious bias.

It’s okay to let people be wrong. Just let them be wrong. Try it out. Seriously. Let them. No big deal. Life will go on.

Let’s have better discussions not pundit opinions.