Sasha Rosenbaum

Sasha Rosenbaum

Sasha is a Sr. Program Manager at GitHub

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Securing your code with CodeQL OWASP DevSlop May 2020
DevSecOps on Azure - MSBuild 2020 Microsoft Build May 2020
CodeSpaces: How to get from idea to contribution in minutes - GitHub Satellite 2020 GitHub Satellite May 2020
Survival of the most open: Microsoft’s Open Source Journey LINUXtips #FiqueEmCasaConf April 2020
COVID-19 pandemic - how can we help? All The Talks April 2020
The Microsoft DevOps Journey (so far) - Guadalajara, 2020 DevOpsDays Guadalajara February 2020
Admitting that hard problems are hard - Vitoria 2020 DevOpsDays Vitoria February 2020
CI/CD For Machine Learning All Day DevOps November 2019
Admitting that hard problems are hard - Ghent 2019 DevOpsDays Ghent 2019 October 2019
The (Microsoft) DevOps Journey - Kiev 2019 DevOpsDays Kiev May 2019
YAML Release Pipelines in Azure DevOps - MSBuild 2019 Microsoft Build May 2019
When is AI taking over _my_ job? - Tel Aviv 2018 DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2018 December 2018
CI/CD for Machine Learning - Detroit 2018 DevOpsDays Detroit 2018 October 2018
When is AI taking over _my_ job? - Edinburgh 2018 DevOpsDays Edinburgh October 2018
Single Person of Failure DevOpsDays Silicon Valley November 2015

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