Sasha Rosenbaum

Sasha Rosenbaum

Learning new things and exploring ways to make work better for humans in Business and IT at Ergonautic

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How to Make DevOps Valuable: A Framework for Success The DevOps Conference by Eficode March 2023
Future of DevOps ACM Talks March 2023
The Eternal Sunshine of the Toil-less Prod QConSF October 2022
Future of DevOps IBM GTO April 2021
A perspective on the Multi-Cloud world Multi-cloud perspectives (G-Core Labs) March 2021
Mindset Seattle DevOps Meetup January 2021
Getting started with Open Source Hacktoberfest October 2020
Security is too hard. It is time for automation! DevOpsDays Bogota September 2020
GitHub Actions & code scanning with CodeQL Open Security Summit June 2020
Securing your code with CodeQL OWASP DevSlop May 2020
DevSecOps on Azure - MSBuild 2020 Microsoft Build May 2020
CodeSpaces: How to get from idea to contribution in minutes - GitHub Satellite 2020 GitHub Satellite May 2020
Survival of the most open: Microsoft’s Open Source Journey LINUXtips #FiqueEmCasaConf April 2020
COVID-19 pandemic - how can we help? All The Talks April 2020
The Microsoft DevOps Journey (so far) - Guadalajara, 2020 DevOpsDays Guadalajara February 2020
Admitting that hard problems are hard - Vitoria 2020 DevOpsDays Vitoria February 2020
CI/CD For Machine Learning All Day DevOps November 2019
Admitting that hard problems are hard - Ghent 2019 DevOpsDays Ghent 2019 October 2019
The (Microsoft) DevOps Journey - Kiev 2019 DevOpsDays Kiev May 2019
YAML Release Pipelines in Azure DevOps - MSBuild 2019 Microsoft Build May 2019
When is AI taking over _my_ job? - Tel Aviv 2018 DevOpsDays Tel Aviv 2018 December 2018
CI/CD for Machine Learning - Detroit 2018 DevOpsDays Detroit 2018 October 2018
When is AI taking over _my_ job? - Edinburgh 2018 DevOpsDays Edinburgh October 2018
Single Person of Failure DevOpsDays Silicon Valley November 2015

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