Sustainability All The Way Down

A presentation at All Things Open in in Raleigh, NC, USA by erik riedel

We’ve spent the past few decades making the argument about how openness in software is important and that community driven software is a superior software engineering model. By and large, it is successful given how much of the world is driven by open source software. The argument is made and proven true.

While your software is open and worked on collaboratively – what about the hardware you’re running on? Open hardware has mostly found its most success in the maker space. But there is a quiet revolution going on in the open datacenter space. Hyperscalers are coming together to work on open hardware through published specifications, open source software, and open host and BMC firmware.

The Discovery open hardware project demonstrates what you can do in a world where your datacenter is based on open specifications and code by building a hyperscale appliance that fits under your data – that can not only run software that hyperscalers use today, but do it while being carbon friendly, and economical.

Our talk will talk about the open specifications and design that allows you to build an entire IT environment that will fit under your desk with 200 cores of hyperscale power to bear. Join us and discover the possibilities.


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