erik riedel

erik riedel

father of four; PhD; engineering leader, do-er, advisor in massachusetts

practitioner of innovation & inclusion; german in US; he/him

my heart is in the work

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Coding (an intro for K to 3rd graders) Scituate Science Spectacular November 2015
Kinetic Open Storage Project - Project Overview Storage Developer Conference (SDC) September 2015
When Bad Things Happen To Good Disks - aka Disks Don’t Have File Descriptors LinuxCon + CloudOpen + ContainerCon North America 2015 August 2015
Inside the EMC ECS Appliance ECS Appliance Overview February 2015
Cloud Computing & Storage - More than a File System in the Sky Guest Lecture - Storage Systems Class October 2012
Efficient & Convenient - How To Build Big Storage As A Cloud MSST Conference April 2012
The Death of Disk - Panel Session HEC FSIO Workshop August 2011
Creative Engineering Parallel Data Lab Annual Retreat October 2010
OSD-2 and XAM Intelligent Storage Workshop May 2007
SCSI vs. ATA - More than an interface 2nd Conference on File and Storage Technology (FAST) April 2003
Data Mining on an OLTP System (Nearly) For Free ACM SIGMOD Int’l Conf on Mgmt of Data May 2000
Active Disks - Remote Execution in Network-Attached Storage Thesis Defense - Carnegie Mellon ECE November 1999
Active Disks - A Case for Remote Execution in Network-Attached Storage Parallel Data Lab Annual Retreat November 1997

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