scaling tech stacks, scaling tech teams

A presentation at Open Source Summit North America in in San Diego, CA, USA by erik riedel

The growth of cloud and related internet-scale technologies over the past 5 years (10 years. 20 years!) has accelerated the pace of innovation within both the technology world and among civilian companies. The ability to quickly & smoothly plug together a variety of powerful technologies to build a new application or technology stack has sped up time-to-solution in amazing ways. As a result, in many organizations, the challenge and bottleneck has moved to teams and to collaboration. The ability for teams to work together efficiently, effectively, and rapidly is at a premium. Communication, collaboration, and cross-disciplinary teamwork are more important than ever as innovation cycles shrink from years to months and from months to weeks. We really need our teams to work together as smoothly and efficiently as our technologies do. Powerful tools and tooling exist to assist us in collaboration, coordination, and iteration. That means that all the raw material for efficient & effective collaboration is within everyone’s reach.