Websites for freelancers 101. All the questions you should ask yourself before building your own website.

A presentation at WordCamp Oslo in in Oslo, Norway by Francesca Marano

Ten years ago, when you started a business, the first thing you took care of was making business cards. Today your first thought goes to a website. Often freelancers create their websites without a clear plan. It’s true that WordPress makes it relatively easy to build a website on your own, but it’s a good/recommended practice to start such a project by asking yourself some questions before embarking in this adventure.

  • Do all freelancers need a website?
  • If you decided to build one, what pages should definitely be there?
  • What information is useful to your readers? What is worthless?
  • And by the way, who are your readers? What and how do you write for them?

In this talk, I’ll explore common questions that freelancers have when deciding to build their own websites, and give some answers that will help you on your journey.