Tomomi ❤ Imura

Tomomi Imura is a:

  • 🐱-as-a-Service provider, who currently works at Microsoft
  • A HTTP Status Cats original creator. (Be aware of all the copycats, LOL!)
  • A long-time San Francisco / Silicon Valley engineer (now finally breathing in OÊ»ahu)

My talks are primarily about:

  1. Tech - JavaScript, Node.js, Chatbot, etc.
  2. Career - as a technical advocate

I want my content to be under CC for educational purposes, however, I disallow you to copy the content (even if you redesign/apply a new slide theme w/ slight modifications) to speak at for-profit conferences. It has happened, and I don’t think it is ethical practice when you take credit for somebody else’s hard work (and get to travel to speak!)

Recent Presentations

Tomomi puts presentations on Notist for free. You can too.

Older presentations

More presentations
#TinySpec2019 Slack Dev Meetup in Osaka & Tokyo (in Japanese) TinySpec2019 Slack Dev Meetup Osaka November 2019
Engineering career is not a single ladder! - Alternative pathway to developer relations Mozilla Tech Speaker Singapore November 2019
[TechWorldSummit Stockholm 2019] Building Bots for Human with Conversational Interface TechWorldSummit Stockholm 2019 June 2019
Let’s Get Chatty with Conversational Interface in JavaScript Render Conf March 2018
Future of the Web with Conversational Interface (in JavaScript!) IBM Index Conference February 2018
“Notice me Senpai!” - Get Discovered with Creative Technical Content DevXCon San Francisco 2017 May 2017
[JS Kongress 2016] KittyCam.js - Raspberry Pi Camera w/ Cat Facial Detection JS Kongress 2016 November 2016
[Tokyo NodeFest 2015] Hardware Hacking for Javascript Developers (Japanese | 日本語) Tokyo NodeFest 2015 November 2015
[CSS Dev Conf: “The Shining” ver.] Responsive Cross-Device Development with Web Standards CSS Dev Conf 2013 October 2013