[TechWorldSummit Stockholm 2019] Building Bots for Human with Conversational Interface

A presentation at TechWorldSummit Stockholm 2019 in in Stockholm, Sweden by Tomomi ❤ Imura

Using voice commands has been pretty ubiquitous nowadays, as more mobile phone users use voice assistants like Siri and Cortana, as well as devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home have been invading our living rooms. You can interact with the intelligent assistant without leaving your couch. At the same time, chatbots have been insanely popular, and services like Slack and Facebook Messenger let you achieve multiple tasks without leaving the client- you can schedule a meeting, order some pizza, call a taxi, etc.

Historically in web development, we have been relying on various UI elements to interact with your users. Now with the new technologies, you can develop rich applications with natural user interactions with a minimal visual interface. This enables countless use cases for richer and more accessible web applications.

In this talk, Tomomi Imura will talk about the examples of the conversational interface, and what and how you can build with JavaScript in a browser using the Speech API, the open web standard, also with Node.js to work with the 3rd party platforms!