Readability & Web: Let’s build great inclusive projects

A presentation at Abstractions II in in Pittsburgh, PA, USA by Damien Senger

Reading is not an easy thing. Even if we are used to having our eyes going through an important quantity of content every day, this action still requires a lot of energy and mechanisms in our head. And it is even more complex for people with reading or cognitive impairments.

The reading experience is highly dependent of the medium and the context.

Unfortunately, our bright displays are definitely not our best allies to help us read more efficiently.

Luckily for all our users and visitors, there is a lot of small improvements and tips every designer, content-writer and developer can do in a project to improve the life all of our users.

Let see together how reading on screen works for our eyes and our brain, then we will find together ways to help people with reading impairments and/or limited attention span to have a better access to our content.