Damien Senger

Damien Senger

I am a Queer Web worker and Tech Speaker designing design systems and making accessibility more accessible.

I lead Snacks, the design systems project at Takeaway.com as their Senior Product Owner. With my team where we try to build a user-friendly and accessible library of UI components.

Before, I built from scratch the design system project and its team at Castor, in Amsterdam.

Through my studio, conferences, workshops and podcasts, I help Web projects to be more accessible and inclusive with a focus on cognitive impairments, and collaboration between designers and engineers.

Recent Presentations

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Design Systems & Accessibility: let’s create a good testing strategy React Amsterdam Meetup October 2019
Variable fonts & readability: the rising of custom reading experiences CSSConf Budapest September 2019
Readability & Web: Let’s build great inclusive projects Abstractions II August 2019
Using accessibility as a bridge between design & development Abstractions II August 2019
Lower literacy: it’s not the user, it’s the product! A11y Meetup Berlin July 2019
Design systems & Accessibility: the Good, the Bad and the Frustrated Unicorn role=drinks @ CSS Day June 2019
Lower literacy: it’s not the user, it’s the product! A11yNYC - Accessibility New York City June 2019
Readability on the Web Dutch Digital Accessibility Congress 2019 May 2019
Readability & Accessibility by design Inclusive Design & Accessibility Meetup March 2019
Lisibilité & Design : Construisons ensemble des expériences numériques inclusives DevFest Nantes 2018 October 2018
Readability & Web: Let's build great inclusive projects Inclusive Design 24 October 2018
Le petit guide web typographique : édition 2018 VOXXED Days Luxembourg June 2018
Design de l'inclusivité Star d'UX .Paris June 2018
Reading & learning disabilities: Let's build a great and inclusive digital experience together NLHTML5 × CSS Day June 2018
Le Web & les troubles cognitifs : immersion dans des handicaps invisibles World Usability Day FLUPA Meetup November 2017
Building a new life after burnout Non Binary in Tech July 2017
L'accessibilité, c'est simple : revoyons les bases ConFoo Montreal March 2017
Construire une application Ionic sans perdre la raison ConFoo Montreal March 2017
Design de la performance Web BlendWebMix November 2016
Design de la performance BDX/IO October 2016
Le Web et les troubles de l'attention – Workshop Paris Web 2016 September 2016
Nos petits stress quotidiens KiwiParty June 2016
Responsive Web Design : oui mais pas n'importe comment ! SEO Campus April 2016
Petit guide de performance web typographique WordCamp Paris February 2016
Dans ta @font-face : nouvelles pratiques typographiques Codeurs en Seine November 2015
Le web et ses sales caractères BlendWebMix October 2015
UX & Typographie : le design émotionnel au cœur du processus de conversion Optiday September 2015
Le web et ses sales caractères KiwiParty June 2015

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