Creativity in the Age of Quantum Computing

A presentation at Sonar+D in in Barcelona, Spain by Holly Cummins

It’s very unlikely that we are going to have quantum computers at home anytime soon (if that ever happens) but this type of computation, that is starting to emerge at a practical level, is showing a horizon full of possibilities where creativity starts having its own role.

At Sónar+D we will introduce ourselves to the (apparently) complex world of quantum computation, in an informational session featuring three quantum scientists: Holly Cummins, Quantum Computing P.h.D and IBM Q ambassador (IBM’s initiative dedicated to quantum); Artur Garcia Sáez, scientist at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, that are building their own quantum computer, and Libby Heaney, artist and quantum physicist, who will show us how such complex concepts are explored from the perspective of art and creativity.


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