7 ways to fail at microservices

A presentation at QCon Plus by Holly Cummins

We all know the promise of microservices - organisational, agility, decoupling, pizza lunches, autonomy, fewer meetings. Some organisations actually achieve this. Others … don’t. It turns out dividing an application up across multiple containers isn’t enough. Distributed is not a synonym for decoupled. A decomposed application may just be a health hazard. Cloud native spaghetti isn’t something you want. Continuous deployment doesn’t mean ‘every six months’. And have you spoken to your release board and QA team about all this?

Here are some of the anti-patterns Holly will discuss:

  • The murky goal
  • Microservices envy
  • Cloud native spaghetti
  • The enterprise hairball, or “forgetting the back, front, and glue”
  • The not-actually-continuous continuous integration and deployment
  • The someday automation
  • The not-actually-cloudy cloud

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