From ksqlDB with LOVE: Detecting 007 with a Dash of Machine Learning

A presentation at Confluent VUG - Online Apache Kafka Meetup Event by Hans-Peter Grahsl

While lots of people are fancying stream processing technologies, many are hesitant when it comes to adoption because the landscape and ecosystem feel somewhat intimidating at first sight. Fear not, ksqlDB (the event streaming database for Apache Kafka) takes away a lot of burden so that application developers can focus on solving business needs.After a brief introduction to ksqlDB, this session continues with a memorable and fun example featuring the fictional Secret Service agent 007. In a step-by- step fashion, you are walked through an end-to-end streaming scenario which is about near real-time face identification in synthetic CCTV images. The example helps you to gain a better understanding about ksqlDB’s learning curve characteristics, extensibility options as well as integration paths with machine learning related tools and services.



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