4 Different Ways of Working with Kafka on Azure

A presentation at Global Azure 2021 by Hans-Peter Grahsl

Life doesn’t happen in batch mode, which is why for several years now, we see a very strong tendency towards stream processing throughout various industries. Companies need, or least partially have to rethink their existing data architectures in order to enable near real-time business cases. Besides traditional database systems and batch-driven tooling, many companies put Apache Kafka® - the de facto standard for robust and scalable event streaming - to good use.

This talk explores the following four different ways to run Kafka on Azure:

  • Kafka on HDInsight (open-source core Kafka)
  • EventHubs (Microsoft’s very own “Kafka look-alike”)
  • Confluent Cloud (a vendor-backed Kafka distribution)
  • Kafka in Azure Kubernetes Service (featuring Strimzi)

You will walk away with a better understanding about the most important benefits, drawbacks and implications for each of the discussed alternatives.