Against all odds - a team contributing full-time to Open Source projects in your company

A presentation at Northern Ireland Developer Conference in in Belfast, UK by Iancho Dimitrov

Yes, you know this happens in quite a few cases. Like in companies that open source and contribute a significant part of what they create for their own needs - think Google, Facebook, PayPal. Or like in companies with a primary focus on an open source product as Mozilla for example. Or like in companies that make heavy use of a specific open source platform or tool - and decide to give back through contributing to its development. Or like in working on academic projects funded by public money where the outcome is open sourced. But…

But what if the company you work for doesn’t fit in any of these open source friendly profiles?

Join me for a talk where I’ll share our first-hand experience on how we managed to achieve this - against all odds - and we hope to convince you to try our approach for making a viable case your company would be willing to invest in.

I will tell you the story of how we established and maintain a full-time software development team contributing to openHAB and Eclipse SmartHome projects - and how we made it in a win-win-win scenario (for the company, the team members and the community). And this is without our company having any “need” to do it, nor hardly any direct or indirect interest in making use of the results of the team work or the platforms themselves.


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