Intro to Service Design Thinking & Doing

A presentation at BLND in in Stratford, ON, Canada by Jacquelyn Brioux

Introduction to Service Design Thinking & Doing

Introduction to Service Design Thinking & Doing

In this introductory 90-minute workshop, you’ll have a chance to sit back and learn a little about the fundamentals of service design—what is service design (definition, lifecycle, process, methods, tools); what does it take to be a service designer; how to build a service design capability; and some critical jargon to get you started. Next, you’ll roll up your sleeves to work through a real service experience challenge as a group using two worksheets: problem framing and service blueprinting. The first worksheet helps you frame the service and reflect on user motivations, constraints, requirements, and success indicators. The second worksheet helps you sequence the various stages, actors, actions, and touchpoints of the service experience from beginning to end, front to back, and across all channels. Lastly, we’ll discuss what’s next—how to leverage this process to drive real impact and how to measure it along the way, learning and iterating as you go. Get energized during group work time with a mix of obscure and recognizable tunes while we walk around the room to field questions and help teams get unstuck.


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