Q&A with Jonathon Colman

A presentation at The Quiet Achiever by Jonathon Colman

My first memory of Jonathon was reading an article he wrote and watching a talk he gave called How Introverts Can Survive in This Extroverted World in 2013 where he surprisingly walked off the stage mid-talk (see it at 3:16!) because he needed some introvert quiet time.

For years, I followed his writing and tweets, until Oct 2019 when, as luck would have it, we met for the first time at the IxDA Interaction conference in Sydney then again the IxDA conference in Milan 2020, before the world went to covid shit.

As introverts, many of us find it difficult speaking in public and struggle to be seen and heard in our organisations. In this session, we are lucky to someone who has done all of the above successfully.

Please welcome, our guest for The Quiet Achiever, Jonathon Colman.



The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.