From an Army of 1 to True Organic Agility: Learn Agile Marketing from Star Wars Stormtroopers

A presentation at Ad:Tech SF 2012 in in San Francisco, CA, USA by Jonathon Colman

The modern SEO is like “An Army of One”, always taking on new roles and responsibilities. But there are many problems and limitations with this model for SEO in large organizations.

We must do better to achieve greater results — enter Agile development methodology!

In this presentation for the ad:Tech 2012 Marketing Masters panel chaired by Rhonda Hanson from Getty Images, I show how REI used Agile development practices to complete numerous SEO efforts that results in greatly increased organic visibility and traffic.

If you like SEO, the stormtroopers from Star Wars, and shipping iteration after iteration of valuable experiences to your customers, then this is the presentation for you!

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The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • Moz Whiteboard Friday: Agile Marketing

    In this video, we’ll explore the nifty, nefarious world on Agile Marketing, which I talked about at MozCon 2012. We’ll take a look at four key principles of Agile Marketing and talk about how you can use them to hack your organization to deliver more value to your customers more often by breaking down barriers and removing impediments to your progress.

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