Keynote: Transparent Recruiting—A Better Way to Hire People

A presentation at UX Australia: Design Leadership 2022 in in Sydney NSW, Australia by Jonathon Colman

Transparent recruiting

Transparent recruiting

Due to The Great Resignation and The Remote Jobs Boom, high-growth companies will need to hire more people in the next 2 years than they did in the past 10. How will they hire them in the most competitive employer market of our lifetime?

Transparent recruiting is an equitable practice that levels the playing field so that all candidates can perform their best by:

  • Approaching them as a manager, not a marketer
  • Showing how you understand their needs
  • Making it as easy as possible to apply
  • Being radically open about what you look for

With a reusable strategy and global examples from companies big and small, you’ll see how HubSpot hired 16 content designers in just 5 months by focusing on a simple idea: people can perform their best when they know what’s expected of them.

Audience takeaways:

  • A simple, reusable strategy and set of tactics that you can put to use immediately to transform your recruiting practices

  • Compelling ways to set clear expectations and success criteria for candidates before they even talk with you in order to drive applications while building a positive brand

  • How to redevelop your job posts to speak to your target audience and their goals, their motivations, and their frustrations in a way that deeply resonates

  • Help your candidates advance and succeed by providing coaching and making your publications, team website, and other recruiting tools radically transparent



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