Panel: Landing your first role in content design

A presentation at Perspectives 2022 by Jonathon Colman

So many of us care about this topic and are working to support new folx joining our industry. That’s why it’s part of the totally free track at Perspectives 2022!

Our panelists are:

In this panel, you’ll get 💯% Real Talk™️ from our panelists about how they landed their first content design jobs. They’ll share their stories, lessons learned, advice, and practical tips you can put into action right now.

You’ll walk away with new tools and confidence that can help you break into content design. If you’re new to content design and struggling to find your first job, don’t miss this exciting panel!

This panel is part of Perspectives’ completely free track on breaking into content design, so you can watch a video from this panel on demand for free after the event.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.