The Future is Written!

A presentation at RGD Future of Design: The Future is Written! by Jason Pamental

The evolution of design on digital platforms is being driven in part by by the oldest element of graphic design: type. Sincemost of the web is words, it’s fitting that the greatest advances are centred around typography. Not only can we implement many of typographic techniques but the technology of fonts themselves has evolved to make not just the design responsive to screen size and user context, but the type itself also. Variable fonts let us make use of the whole design space of a typeface and give us ways to react to user context. We’re just beginning to explore how we can shape the interaction between reader and text or user’s environment and the presentation of content. During Jason's presentation, we’ll look at how this works live in a web browser during, with links to sample pages and code, and guides on how to make use of the new features. It’s a really exciting time to help shape what comes next.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.