CSS GRID a most excellent adventure!

A presentation at WP Hooked Meetup by Kirsty Burgoine

The CSS Grid specification is one of the most exciting additions to CSS, pretty much ever. It has the power to allow us to think about layout in ways we never have before. But many people still haven’t tried it out yet because the perception is it’s difficult to learn or it doesn’t have enough support.

Kirsty is here to debunk these myths and instead take you on a most excellent adventure exploring how to use CSS GRID in a production environment. Taking a tour of some of the new properties and units now available in the GRID Specification, how to create complex layouts and explaining some of the gotcha’s and how to get around them. So that, by the end, hopefully you will all agree that CSS Grid really is Excellent!


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.