Mobile Web Animation

A presentation at Mobile Era in in Oslo, Norway by Lisi Linhart

The global mobile traffic is rapidly rising and thus developing web interfaces that are equally engaging and usable in a mobile environment is just as important as for desktop. Especially when we take into mind that a big part of the world population can only access the Internet via their smartphone. This talk explores the theoretical background of animation, the limitations and opportunities animations brings when done in the mobile browser, the connection of animation to touch gestures and some practical code examples of how animation can be incorporated into mobile websites. This talk is backed by a lot of science, theory and experience, since I wrote my master thesis in this field, which was titled ‘Touch Interaction and Animation in Mobile Web Interfaces’. During the thesis I developed a mobile PWA that looked similar to native application and conducted a user study that A / B tested this prototype with and without animation. I feel that the insight I gained during the research can be transformed into an insightful talk, that’s especially compelling for developers who are interested in usability, animation and touch interaction in the mobile web browser. A common question that guided this research was how to make websites feel more like native applications.