Developer Experience in Open Source

A presentation at State of Open Con in in London, UK by Lorna Jane Mitchell

Developer experience is gaining traction, but the industry best practice looks a little different when applied to open source communities. In this session, you will hear how to bring the best bits of developer experience philosophy to your open source projects in a practical way. Starting with the onboarding documentation and how the project is organised, covering developers who are users as well as those who may be contributors one day. Thinking about good processes for issue and pull request management that encourage and enable everyone to contribute. How solid tooling, available for local and CI use can help minimise pull request review cycles, and why that matters more in open source. Finally, how publishing and amplifying the project can enable developers further. This talk is packed with actionable tips and brings both old and new ideas together to build on and make your own. Recommended for project leads and anyone who wants to make open source developers more successful.