Lorna Jane Mitchell

Lorna Jane Mitchell

I love to write code and words, sometimes I say the words out loud

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Working With Webhooks PHP[TEK] May 2019
Introduction to OpenAPI Specification PHP[TEK] May 2019
A Meritocracy of Pull Requests PHP Yorkshire April 2019
Web Developer’s HTTP Toolbox PHP UK Conference February 2019
Working with Webhooks Sunshine PHP 2019 February 2019
Introduction to OpenAPI Specification FOSDEM February 2019
Text Markup to PDF with Python FOSDEM February 2019
Working with Webhooks FOSDEM February 2019
Tales of a Keyboard-only User Monkigras January 2019
Serverless Microservices are the New Black Apache EU Roadshow June 2018
Serverless Computing with Apache OpenWhisk Apache EU Roadshow June 2018
Build a Serverless Data Pipeline ServerlessCPH May 2018
SQL, NoSQL and Beyond PHP Yorkshire April 2018
CloudConf Keynote: Build a Serverless Data Pipeline CloudConf.IT April 2018
Road Trip Through Database Country GrumpyConf March 2018
Working with Webhooks PHP UK Conference 2018 February 2018
Offline First Apps with PouchDB and CouchDB Front End North January 2018
The Future of Functions CodeMotion Milan November 2017
Fun With Serverless Python PyCon UK October 2017
Postgres: Beyond The Basics PyCon UK October 2017
Queues with RabbitMQ IPC October 2017
Handling Failure in RabbitMQ Velocity October 2017
Fun With Serverless JS Nordic.JS September 2017
Becoming Polyglot Craft Conference 2017 April 2017

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