Designing Payloads for Event-Driven Systems

A presentation at Kafka Summit Europe 2021 by Lorna Jane Mitchell

Event-driven systems come in different shapes and sizes, and the rules for payload construction are: there are no rules (but there are guidelines). Flexible payloads are both the best and worst thing about event streaming - you never quite know what to expect from each system’s payloads.

Just like when you met your first NoSQL datastore, this sounds like chaos! In this session we will cover strategies for designing the payloads you stream over Kafka. From fields to include, common mistakes to avoid, and what to do when the data structure changes over time, this session has real-world advice and examples that you can apply in your own projects.

We will also look at bigger-picture aspects, such as when to use a self-contained data format such as JSON or XML, or when a serialization format like Avro is best - and how to handle the schemas. This session is recommended for anyone who wants to design their payloads right first time and have all their applications playing nicely together.