Hands-on-lab: Hands on WebAssembly

A presentation at DevFest Paris in in Paris, France by Horacio Gonzalez

If you are interested in frontend development, you have surely heard of WebAssembly. Maybe you have watched some talks, read some blog posts, discussed around a coffee… but have you tested it?

WebAssembly (WASM) is supported by all modern browsers, and its growing track of success stories seem to confirm that it will change the web development landscape in the coming years. That doesn’t mean that JavaScript will become obsolete, or that every app will include WASM modules, but that a new range of possibilities is getting opened to us as web developers. And now it’s the right moment to dive into it!

In this hans-on lab, you are going to develop your firs libraries in WASM, using different languages (from TypeScript to the old good C) and you will use them from a simple web application. Then you will encapsulate your WASM in a very simple Web Component, to make it as easier to integrate in any JS Framework as a simple HTML tag, and you will test the integration with an Angular webapp.

The objective is that at the end of the lab you will have learnt how and why WebAssembly can help you in your own webapps. All of that in the best way: getting your hands on the code…

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