What the heck is DevRel?

A presentation at TADx in in Tours, France by Horacio Gonzalez

Even if Developer Relations (DevRel) roles aren’t new, they are still rather unknown, even for developers. These roles, at the crossroads between tech, marketing and the community, carry many names: Developer Advocate, Developer Evangelist, Technical Advocate…

But what exactly is a DevRel? What does they do for a living? Is they just a glitter thrower? Does they spend her life in conferences? Does they know airports and train stations inside out? Does they have a unicorn costume in his / her luggage?

Aurélie and Horacio will show you in this talk, with their humor and good humor, their daily life, the different types of activities and what is really behind this DevRel job… And you may even be entitled to small anecdotes ^^