Developing for the cloud… in the cloud… with GitPod!

A presentation at Paris JUG by Horacio Gonzalez

Who hasn’t had a bad experience starting a new project?

You’ve been promoted to Project Manager, and that “VeryImportanYetAlreadyLate” project is now yours and your new team of 20. Happy Friday! Oh, the customer demands it’s operational from Monday. No probs, you’ve the whole weekend to install 20 development workstations and configure them 🥵 Good luck 😈 Or how about:

· Your work computer won’t let you install tools

· You’re on-the-move developing on your iPad because the laptop battery has died

· Same project, totally different settings depending on the environment

· Needing to download half of the internet for a repository quick fix

The list goes on…..

GitPod is a surprisingly simple and effective solution to these worries. The principle? A cloud-based development environment, based on Git, Eclipse Theia and Docker, allowing you to develop, test and deploy your code right from a browser window.

Join me as I explain and demonstrate how to use GitPod to set up a development environment in a few minutes, how not to spend a weekend preparing for the arrival of a development team, how to use GitPod with GitLab or GitHub to provide turnkey environments for projects, workshops, training …

In short, at the end of our talk, you will know how to use GitPod, and you might even be “hooked” on this IDE in the cloud (which even works with FireFox or Safari iOS … and as it’s open source, you can also install your own private instance in OVHcloud… 🤣)