From Minikube to Production, Never Miss a Step in Getting Your K8s Ready

A presentation at Kubecon Europe 2020 by Horacio Gonzalez

So you have installed your Kubernetes cluster, and you have deployed some apps on it, but the idea of putting it into production makes you uneasy… Well, this talk is for you!

The path form a working Kubernetes cluster to a production-ready one can be rough and complicated, with lots of things to think of, and many pitfalls to avoid. In this talk Kevin & Horacio will share with you the common pitfalls and their best known antidotes, in order to make sure that you deliver a secure and highly available Kubernetes to your end-users.

After sharing with you a cost-effective HA setup for a typical Kubernetes production environnement, Kevin and Horacio will cover the basic security best practices, adapted to any enterprise context.

They will also discuss some of the most recognized CNCF projects tools to enhance Kubernetes observability, reliability, security and management.



The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.