OVHcloud K8s Team: DevOps & Agility in a Product Team

A presentation at COMET SIL - DevOps & Agile, REX et opportunités by Horacio Gonzalez

Several years ago, at OVHcloud, we aligned our organisation to work in an Agile DevOps paradigm. We begin the talk explaining why we have done it, and how it’s a very pragmatical movement, not a philosophical one.

In the presentation we will also discuss what we understand for Agility (spoiler, it doesn’t forcible means Scrum or Kanban, it’s more a a way of work than a set of rules engraved on stone), what DevOps means for us, and why they are tightly linked.

We illustrate all that with a very concret example: the OVHcloud Managed Kubernetes team. We tell you the genesis of the project and the team, and how the Agile DevOps paradigm was implemented in the project, even with a team who didn’t forcibly believed it could work.