Let’s demystify Sketchnoting

A presentation at TADx in in Tours, France by Horacio Gonzalez

Topics like sketchnoting or graphic facilitation are rather popular nowadays, and seeing the wonderful work from accomplished (and experienced) sketchnoters in social media is both inspiring and daunting. Way too often, people love to see those visual notes but don’t dare to begin sketchnoting themselves, because they think they aren’t able, they can’t draw…

Every children I know believes they can draw, and are proud and happy to show their drawings. Yet almost every adult I know say they “can’t draw”. We could spend hours discussing why (the school system is often blamed), but it’s a fact.

Luckily for them, people who “can’t draw” can still do sketchnoting, because sketchnotes are about ideas, not art. So if you can draw six basic shapes (point, line, triangle, square, circle or vaguely circular shape, and an irregular potato shape) you are more than able to do visual note taking.

And in this workshop I am going to prove it to you, because you;’re doing your first sketchnote.

Don’t forget to get something to write and draw. From a simple Bic pen and some plain old notebook, to a fancy fountain pen on a Moleskine, from a whiteboard and some markers to an iPad with its Pencil, grab your favorite tools and join us!