Running Kubernetes from development into production – how to avoid the pitfalls!

A presentation at Cloud Expo Europe in in London, UK by Horacio Gonzalez

In the current tech ecosystem, Kubernetes is one of the hottest buzzwords. It’s everywhere, and as usual with such popular subjects, there’s a huge amount of related content available: tutorials, blog posts, talks by the dozen, everybody seems to be chatting about Kubernetes. You would think all is well in the world, right? Well, to be honest, we wouldn’t say so… Most of these tutorial, posts and talks stop just after they have guided you to deploy a handful of applications in a development environment on your laptop. But that’s not the end, it’s merely the beginning of the journey…

The true path from a development Kubernetes to a production one is long and complex. We learnt this the hard way whilst building our OVHcloud Managed Kubernetes service. Today, more than a year after its release, it serves thousands of daily users, and we want to share our experience with you and the wider developer community.

In this workshop we are going to begin where most tutorials end. From a working Kubernetes in a development environment, we will escort you on the production journey covering topics like basic security best practice (adapted to any enterprise context), common pitfalls (and their well-informed antidotes), and the always complex matter of how to ensure a cost-effective HA setup for a typical production environment. During the experience you will learn about some high profile CNCF projects and open source tools which help enhance Kubernetes security, reliability, observability and management.