Design, develop and manage a catalog of Web Components

A presentation at FrontSide Conf in in Paris, France by Horacio Gonzalez

The world of web development is highly fragmented, with many incompatible frameworks: React, Angular, Vue …

It is so fragmented that some developers no longer describe themselves as web developers but as React developers or Angular developers. Code created for one of these frameworks will not work in others, forcing developers to rewrite their code every time they change frameworks.

In this context, Web Components represent one of the only multi-framework solutions for the Web. With Web Components, you can finally write your components once and for all, and use them everywhere: in React, in Angular, in Vue, but also in good old HTML pages without a framework.

That’s the theory, but how do you do this in practice? How do you build your component catalog, how do you structure it, how do you distribute these components?

In this talk we will give ideas, feedback and best practices for designing, developing and managing a catalog of web components, and how to use them in the different web frameworks.