The Care and Monitoring of You

A presentation at Cerner Tech Talk in in Kansas City, MO, USA by Mary Thengvall

We’re told on a regular basis to monitor the performance, speed, responsiveness, and general health of our websites, applications, and products, with the ever-present threat of an unhappy customer hanging over our shoulder. But how often do we pay this same attention to our own physical and mental health?

As a Type 1 Diabetic, Mary is acutely aware of how stress, overwork, and a toxic work environment can impact her. While diabetes is a physical condition, staying healthy as a T1D isn’t just about how much exercise she’s gotten in the last month or how healthy her diet is. It’s about having a vigilant awareness of the impact that physical, mental, and emotional circumstances can have on her blood sugars.

This has given Mary (and her trusty medical alert sidekick Ember Dog) a unique glimpse into the epidemic of burnout that has hit the tech world in the last few years. She’s not the only one whose wellbeing is effected by prolonged mental stressors or unrealistic expectations. In this talk, Mary walks through how to identify burnout in yourself as well as your employees, as well as steps that can be taken to prevent burnout entirely.