What Wu-Tang can teach us about functional teams

A presentation at re:develop in in Bournemouth, UK by Matt Northam

Building a successful, happy team is a task that all tech leads strive for; it's an endeavour that can take time and effort to implement and then continuous work to maintain. There are plenty of amazing teams out there to take inspiration from but for me, the archetype will always be hip-hop group, the Wu-Tang Clan.

Still active after nearly 30 years, this team comprises of a range of diverse personalities with varying skills who were brought together to fulfil a collective vision. In their time, they have experienced great successes, while also weathering numerous trials and tribulations.

This draws upon the Wu-Tang saga to explore what it takes to assemble a team that has impact and longevity. From recruitment to objective setting, conflict resolution to mentoring, the Wu has it all.

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