Building Intelligent Layouts with CSS Grid

A presentation at WordCamp Bristol in in Bristol, UK by Michelle Barker

The CSS Grid Layout Module Level 1 (CSS Grid) has given developers the tools to build complex layouts with relatively little code. It affords us complete control over layout behaviour and positioning of items in two dimensions. At the same time, it has given us many more CSS properties to learn and understand, which can be overwhelming. How do you figure out the best way to build a layout when faced with so much choice?

In this talk, Michelle will demystify some of the new terminology, properties, and functions that have arrived with CSS Grid. We’ll bust some common myths and look at how we can harness these new tools to build robust layouts, even with dynamic content. We’ll take an in-depth look at a real-world example of a complex layout, and in the process learn about the superpowers that Grid provides us with.