I built <frankenstein-monster>: 3 Stories of migration

A presentation at Frontend United in in Utrecht, Netherlands by Denys Mishunov

A lot of people consider complete re-write to be the best solution for project migration. Even though, this might definitely give better result at the end comparing to gradual migration, most projects can not afford this move due to limited work-force, budget or other reasons.

But what if we could migrate our applications bit by bit without polluting global scope, messing up with CSS leaking and different JS bits yelling at each other? What if we could do this in isolated manner as if we would have several sandboxes in our applications where we are allowed to do anything we want?

This talk will tell 3 entertaining stories (spiced with quite a few code examples) of application migrations with different approaches, different architectural decisions and different results. Attendees will get idea of how to approach framework-agnostic frontend migrations using micro-services architecture, web components and good sense of humour.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

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