Rage against the Content Machine

A presentation at Web Clerks in in Vienna, Austria by Max Böck

All our digital lives are in the hands of a few giant corporations. Social Media has become the de-facto standard for our online identities, controlling the world’s collective content output. The IndieWeb movement offers an alternative - but getting out is not that easy. How can we reclaim our space on the web and own our content without losing touch with the rest of the world?

Applying the principles of the IndieWeb enables us to reap the benefits of social media, while still publishing on our own sites. This talk will cover the steps to get started, show practical solutions to common problems, and give you the tools to take back control of your content.


The following resources were mentioned during the presentation or are useful additional information.

  • IndieWeb

    The official IndieWeb Wiki.

  • Into the Personal-Website-Verse

    Matthias Ott’s excellent primer for the reasoning behind IndieWeb and the benefits of having your own website.

  • Webmention.io

    A free service to receive, process and store webmentions for your site.

  • Brid.gy

    A free service to monitor your twitter feed and send likes, comments etc as webmentions.

  • mxb.dev source

    Source code for my own IndieWeb site on Github. Uses Eleventy, Netlify and Serverless Functions.

  • Eleventy Webmention Starter Kit

    A basic eleventy blog with added webmention support, as a starter kit for your own site.

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