Embracing DevOps practices to create a culture of quality

A presentation at DevTest Conference North, Leeds by Nayana Shetty

Teams in Financial Times Technology are empowered to choose the best technology for the task however this should be done with a long term view on ownership, supportability, security, quality and total cost of ownership – it is not just about the technology. Teams own quality and service levels for products and hence build quality and testing into the software and infrastructure development process at source rather than a separate discipline placed at the end of the software development process.

In this talk, we will go through the initial challenges we faced with moving to a mindset of whole team quality. We will then see how we used devops practices to build a culture of whole team quality including how this helped me move from being a QA lead into a technical lead for an infrastructure team while still evangelising quality in teams. And lastly, we will go through some examples of devops practices we use to achieve the quality standards that our products deserve.