Vladimir Dementyev

Vladimir Dementyev

Vladimir is a mathematician who found his happiness in programming Ruby and Erlang, contributing to open source and being an Evil Martian. Ruby on Rails contributor, author of AnyCable and many yet unknown ukulele melodies.

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Profiling Ruby tests with Swiss precision Helvetic Ruby November 2023
Untangling cables & demystifying twisted transistors RailsWorld October 2023
Rails as a piece of cake RailsConf 2023 April 2023
Weaving & seaming mocks RubyConf Mini November 2022
The pitfalls of realtime-ification RailsConf May 2022
HTML-over-WebSockets: From LiveView to Hotwire RubyConf China December 2021
Rails X Saint-P RubyConf June 2021
HTML-over-WebSockets Ruby Banitsa June 2021
Frontendless Rails Frontend RailsConf April 2021
Фронтенд без фронтенда RubyRussia November 2020
The why’s and how’s of transpiling Ruby RubyKaigi September 2020
Between monoliths and microservices RailsConf May 2020
Ruby Next: Make old Rubies quack like a new one RubyConf November 2019
Welcome, or access denied RubyRussia September 2019
Engine-ering Rails apps Saint P Ruby Meetup August 2019
Terraforming legacy Rails applications RailsConf April 2019
A denial! A denial! A denial! Seattle.rb April 2019
High-speed cables for Ruby RubyConf November 2018
The Gem Check: writing better Ruby gems SouthEastRuby August 2018
99 problems of slow tests Paris.rb June 2018
MetaCreativity Saint-P RubyConf June 2018
AnyCable: One cable to rule them all RubyKaigi May 2018
Take your slow tests to the doctor BalkanRuby May 2018
Access Denied: the missing guide to authorization in Rails RailsConf April 2018
Cables! Cables! Cables! Wroc_Love.rb March 2018
AnyCable: Universal Action Cable RubyConfMY October 2017
Faster Tests RailsClub September 2017
Writing better Ruby gems Saint-P RubyConf August 2017
Action Cable. Making Better BRUG May 2017
Real-time приложения. Модные фреймворки. Что дальше? DUMP April 2017
Run Test Run RubyConfBY April 2017
AnyCable RailsClub October 2016

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