Untangling cables & demystifying twisted transistors

A presentation at RailsWorld in in Amsterdam, Netherlands by Vladimir Dementyev

More and more Rails applications adopt real-time features, and it’s not surprising—Action Cable and Hotwire brought development experience to the next level regarding dealing with WebSockets. You need zero knowledge of the underlying tech to start crafting a new masterpiece of web art! However, you will need this knowledge later to deal with ever-sophisticated feature requirements and security and scalability concerns.

The variety of questions that arise when developers work with Rails’ real-time tooling is broad, from “Which delivery guarantees does Action Cable provide?” to “Can I scale my Hotwire application to handle dozens of thousands of concurrent users?”. To answer them, we need to learn our tools first.

In my talk, I will help you better to understand Rails’ real-time component—Action Cable. I want to open this black box for you and sort through the internals so you can work with Action Cable efficiently and confidently.


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