Ruby Mixology 101: adding shots of PHP, Elixir, and more

A presentation at RubyKaigi in in Naha, Okinawa, Japan by Vladimir Dementyev

How often have you heard, “I wish Ruby had X from Y”? Developers tend to desire features they love in one language to be available in another. That’s why, for example, we got pattern matching and shorthand Hashes added to Ruby. What’s next? What will inspire the next Ruby syntax addition? Crystal? Elixir? Zig (have you heard about it)? PHP (why not)?

Let’s embark on a fantastic journey of exploring syntax features from other languages, such as method overloading or null coalescing assignment, and how to port them to Ruby. But why is it fantastic? I want to turn fantasy into reality and show how we can experiment with Ruby syntax additions without waiting for official releases with experimental features.