Enhance your User (and Developer) Experience with React & Redux

A presentation at Web2Day 2018 in in Nantes, France by Nicolas Goutay

After years of experiences building complex React & Redux web apps at Theodo, I’ve learned quite a bit of tools and techniques that make me more productive as a developer, and my users (and clients) happier with the products.

Here are some of the topics I’d like to tackle during the talk:

– What is Redux for, and should you use it in your project ?

– The wonderful magic of Redux Dev Tools

– Performance, testing, the ecosystem…

When I first started using React & Redux, I would have loved to know this from the beginning — and I hope I can teach the audience what took me months to grasp!

The talk would be best for attendees having a prior experience in React and Redux, although I’m planning to explain the basics at the very beginning.