JAMstack And Netlify - Getting Started. And Levelling Up.

A presentation at Smashing Conference in in San Francisco, CA, USA by Phil Hawksworth

Maybe you’ve heard this buzzword and thought - “Yawn! That’s just about static sites.” There’s more to it. We should look deeper.

This show-and-tell session will look at the rising tide of static site generators, and the tooling and services that combine to create a compelling reason to consider a JAMstack architecture for your next project.

We’ll talk a little about some of the characteristics of a JAMstack architecture, like improved security and performance. Like cheaper, more scalable hosting. And like more rapid and modern development workflows. And we’ll dig more deeply into the tooling Netlify offers to help bring a wide array of tools and services together to create dynamic and engaging experiences.

Key takeaway: A considered approach to deciding if a static site architecture could be right for you, and insights into more advanced capabilities of Netlify in the service of a JAMstack architecture for your sites.